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Trusted Service Providers

Finding the right people to help you take care of your house can be challenging, whether that’s with the details leading up to closing, or with ongoing maintenance and updates. The following companies are people we have worked with and strongly recommend for their high level of service and value.

Please note: The David Fountain Team does not guarantee or warrant the services of the below-referenced vendors. We merely offer a friendly reference based on the services provided to us personally, our clients, and friends.  We welcome your feedback if your experience with one of these recommended vendors is exceeded or less than expected.  Feel free to mention that you found their information here on our site.

Mortgage Lender
Liberty Financial
Mortgage Lender
Rural 1st
Mortgage Lender
Ameris Bank

Ameris Bank offers several specialized loans including Ameris Bank portfolio loans, First-Time Homebuyer loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, Fixed / Adjustable Rate loans, VA loans, Home Mortgage Doctor loans (specifically for medical professionals), construction to perm loans, renovation loans, reverse mortgages and jumbo loans. Contact your Mortgage Banker for more information about the specialized loans Ameris Bank offers.

Mortgage Lender
CMG Financial

CMG Financial is the only local lender who offers a unique loan program called All in One that combines an 80% – 30-year term first-lien position HELOC and checking account into one.  For Investors looking to utilize the equity in their homes for other real estate investments or the home buyer looking to pay their loan off in as little as 5 to 7 years, this is a terrific loan option.

Mortgage Lender
Franklin Synergy Mortgage

Franklin Synergy Mortgage continues to set itself apart for other local lenders when it comes to new home construction loan options offering an extended 9-month rate lock and up to $5,000 in lender credits towards closing costs. Franklin Synergy also has a unique portfolio loan option for self-employed buyers who are able to put at least 10% down.

Mortgage Expert / Advisor
Replace Your Mortgage

Michael Lush with Replace Your Mortgage offers a creative home loan option to help aggressive borrowers to pay their loan off faster by utilizing a First Lien Position HELOC. Michael Lush counsels both home owners and home buyers on how to use this unique cash flow strategy and home equity to pay your home off on average of 5-7 years on your existing level of income.

Country Financial
UltraSound Home Inspectors
National Property Inspections
Greg Fox Home Inspections
A Pro Home Inspection Services
Wyatt Builders LLC
Southeastern Hombuilders, Inc.
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Technologies
Crawlspace Solutions
Neutocrete Systems Inc.
Crawlspace Solutions
Flooring Contractors
Rite Rug
The Handy Master
Center City Solutions
Home Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Windows
Simplified Living
Home Warranty
Old Republic Home Warranty
Lawn Care
Mid Tenn Mowing & More
Austermiller Roofing